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Life Stinks Sometimes – But Now It Doesn’t Have to!
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How Does Oxypow Work so Well?
Oxypow uses natural aqueous O3 technology to destroy odor-causing germs at their source. After just ONE use, it permanently eliminates any bad smell and continues to work long After you spray it. Oxypow returns the air back to it's natural, fresh-smelling state.
Replace All Of Your Other Disinfectant Sprays With Oxypow! Here’s Why!
92% Natural!
92% Natural! Yet Extremely Potent and Effective!
Pet and Family Safe!
Pet and Family Safe! Oxypow is safe to use around kids and fur-babies alike!
More Powerful Than Other Air & Fabric Odor Eliminators!
Oxypow is 50 times STRONGER and DISINFECTS 3,000 times FASTER than chlorine bleach – without the harsh smells and toxic chemicals!
Removes Bacteria on Contact!
Removes bacteria caused by sweat, dirt, grime, and body odor IMMEDIATELY!
Eliminate Kitchen Smells INSTANTLY!
Rid your home of strong, overpowering kitchen smells!
Relieves Allergy and Asthma Suffering!
Oxypow helps provide relief in air spaces by eliminating organic contaminants!
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Real Users, Real Results!
'Wow. Or should I say OxyWOW! I just got my bottle of Oxypow and used it on my son's hockey gear. Actually drove to the rink with my car windows up for the first time in forever. Amazing stuff, smells amazing and my gear smells like I just washed it even though I didn't.' 

Sherri K. - Chandler, AZ. 
'The Oxypow spray is the greatest. We bought a microfiber couch that smelled like smoke and was awful. We have a newborn and couldn't use the couch. Found Oxypow through a friend and sprayed it on the couch and smell is all gone!!! Amazing!!!' 

Sabrina M. - Calvert, MD. 
'Greatest products, services and customer support in the world!!! Oxypow is amazing!'

Erik K. - Tempe, AZ 
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Get Four 4 oz. Bottles of Oxypow Today For Only